Music man wows crowd at Senior Safari


Marc Dobson entertained the crowd during Senior Life’s Senior Safari at Brevard Zoo, Feb. 7.

Viera Voice Keith Betterley

Multi-talented Marc Dobson of Cocoa can play the drums, guitar and harmonica. He can also sing and dance. More than that, he is a one-man band who can do it all at the same time.

“I play 9.5 instruments at once and truly rival the performance of a three-or four-piece band,” he wrote on his website.

Visitors to Senior Life’s Senior Safari held Feb. 7, at the Brevard Zoo were treated to Dobson’s performance.

Head to toe, he literally “wore” his instruments: a drum “backpack” complete with straps attached to his feet. When he dances, the drums play, accompanying his guitar and harmonica.

“A one-man band on steroids,” is what he calls himself.

According to his website, he began “dreaming of being a one-man band around age 14.”

Getting to where he is today has been a lifelong journey.

“I morphed into it from a lifetime of performing music for a living,” he wrote.

At 17, he started out as a street performer.

He went on to “gig on streets, arenas and every venue type between.”

In March 2010, “The One-Man Band” was born.

“I believe it’s taken a combination of skills I am passionate about and lucky to have,” he wrote.

But Dobson is more than a performer confined to a stage. He interacts with his audience, encouraging their involvement. He did this at the Senior Safari, playing tunes by artists popular “in the day.” These included Elvis Presley, Simon and Garfunkel, Hank Williams, Van Morrison and Tom Petty.

With the Senior Safari held one week before Valentine’s Day, some couples renewed their wedding vows at the event. In keeping with this theme, Dobson asked long-married couples the secrets of their successful unions.

“When we argue, she’s always right,” said one man married 58 years.

A woman married 60 years said, “It’s the Lord.”

 Dobson invited couples to dance to his rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Fools Rush In.”

Some accepted, holding each other and swaying to the romantic song.

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