Suntree pastor tapped to lead ministerial association


Focus on commonalities, not differences, will bring Christian clergy together for the good of the community, according to Fr. Demetri Tsigas of St. Katherine’s Greek Orthodox Church, newly appointed as president of the South Brevard Christian Ministerial Association.

Viera Voice Mike Gaffey

Fr. Demetri Tsigas of St. Katherine’s Greek Orthodox Church in Suntree was tapped recently to lead the South Brevard Christian Ministerial Association. The group of clergy leaders meets at noon the second Tuesday of each month at the Salvation Army in Melbourne.

The group has existed for more than 30 years under different names and philosophies, all in the challenging name of bringing Christians together in one accord, according to a group historian.

According to Tsigas, the solution is simple, but not easy.

“We need to share what we have in common instead of focusing on our differences,” Tsigas said. “There is much good we can do together.”

He hopes to bring clergy and their congregations together to help those less fortunate, or come alongside established, well-regarded Christian-based groups that have a structure and a plan to help people become self-sufficient.

“We picked Demetri because he has a passion for bringing us together in unity, and this approach is one of the ways that has proven successful,” said group historian Rev. Dr. Paul Rosbury, spiritual leader of Seminary Covenant Community on Merritt Island.

The group has faced many obstacles over time, yet remained active, he added. While many of those obstacles entailed differences in dogma, often it comes down to practicality.

 “Most pastors are extremely busy. It takes a lot of time to bring them together. When you do, it has to be something worth putting and keeping on their calendars,” Rosbury said.

While outreach is important, prayer is powerful as well, Tsigas said.

“Imagine the good we can do if we are together, likeminded, with prayerful intention to lead our community and our country in a positive direction, protected from danger,” he said. “We each remain our distinct selves, spiritually, but we come together where we match.”

The Salvation Army, located at 1080 Hickory St., provides lunch for the meetings. For more information on the group or to RSVP, email Tsigas at VV