Teacher in-service day brings ‘humane education’ for students


On Monday, Feb. 17, Brevard County Animal Services and Enforcement (BASE) had its first day-long Aim Humane in-service for Brevard County teachers. 

The purpose of the in-service was to help teachers encourage and educate their students on having compassion for people, animals and the environment.

“The buzzword is ‘prosocial change,’ ” said Virgina Hamilton, an elementary school teacher and the education director for Brevard Aiding Shelter Animals Project (ASAP). “It means the act of kindness without expecting anything in return.”

Hamilton, who coordinated the event, intends to reach students’ hearts through their existing compassion for animals. The in-service was held at BASE’s South Animal Care Center, and they had room for up to 20 teachers from Brevard schools on a first-come, first-serve basis. It was made to be a casual event — jeans were permitted — as it was an all-day affair and they spent some time walking around the shelter.

Ideally, this kind of experience wouldn’t just be a one-time event. Hamilton intends Aim Humane to be a repeated program so that other teachers will get the same opportunity. She also insists students must be exposed to humane education regularly, so BASE has books and lesson plans available for teachers to check out and use.

Hamilton hopes the teachers will take what they learned at the in-service and start incorporating it quickly. 

“I’m just hoping to make a dent in some of the classrooms. That’s my goal.”

For more information, contact Virginia Hamilton at Hamilton.Virginia@BrevardSchools.org. VV