New owners keep D.I.G.'s doors open


Jackie Roberts, Matt Kerr and Robin Kerr bought D.I.G. Bistro in early January and are expanding the restaurant's health-conscious offerings in 2017.


Suntree’s popular breakfast and lunch spot D.I.G. Bistro kicked the year off with new owners. On Jan. 4, new owners Jackie Roberts and Robin and Matt Kerr took over the farm-to-plate inspired establishment that had become a staple of health-conscious Suntree patrons. 

D.I.G. is popular with Suntree residents and workers for its health-boosting menu that includes signature items like vegan crab cakes, a sofrito bowl and grass-fed Angus burgers. 

The pleasant surprise buy happened just days after D.I.G’s original owner Gina Pierce announced that she was shuttering the bistro due to employee theft. Pierce also owns Tuscany Grill in the Boardwalk Plaza in Suntree. 

“My financial planner called me and told me that his friend Gina was selling the bistro and without knowing anything about it, I answered ‘Tell her I’ll buy it.’ A few days later, and after I learned more about it, I actually did,” Matt Kerr said. 

The move made sense for Matt Kerr, a self-described serial entrepreneur, and his wife Robin Kerr who is passionate about healthy eating. The third integral piece, though, was the addition of Jackie Roberts as general manager and part-owner. Before taking the D.I.G. plunge, Roberts was the general manager at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen in Melbourne. 

“I’ve never owned a restaurant before and I knew if I had a chance at success, it would be with Jackie here,” Matt Kerr said. 

Since the switch, Matt Kerr says the local reaction has been enthusiastic — and that the new owners are hoping to expand what is offered in the coming year.

For one thing, D.I.G. will start offering dinner service on Friday and Saturday nights in March. D.I.G. also provides catering service now and has stayed busy so far with a steady stream of office and special event orders. 

“We see a trend health-wise of people eating better. That’s why our motto is eat good, feel good. We want to offer that to all of our patrons,” he said. 

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