Supermarket provides fun lesson for Quest


Emma Collins toured Lucky's Market in West Melbourne.

Viera Voice Photo

One little girl from Quest Elementary School will never look at grocery shopping the same way.

Tanya Clark, a third-grade teacher at Quest Elementary, never knows what to expect when she gives an optional assignment to her students. A recent project had a suggestion of going to a business to understand sustainability and its interaction with the community.

Emma Collins took a trip to Lucky’s Market in West Melbourne and came back with enough ideas to fuel a pleasant discussion in the classroom. Lucky’s is trying to establish itself in the organic food market place.

“Emma came home with a donation of reusable shopping bags to bring into the classroom,’’ said Clark, who is in her third school year at Quest Elementary and her 14th year of teaching in Brevard County. “Lucky’s uses reusable bags, but not just theirs. They will let you use any bag. They donate a percentage of their sales to local charities.’’

Mike Klenotich, the store director at Lucky’s who also is known as Big Mike, was generous with his time and Collins came back with a new understanding of how a supermarket conducts its business.

“He (Klenotich) showed Emma the guts of the store,’’ Clark said. “We owe a big thank you to Lucky’s for setting such a good example. They told Emma how they use and promote responsible practices. When waste food expires, they don’t just throw it away. They will give it to homeless shelters. Emma was real excited about the project and she got the other kids excited too about about going shopping with their parents.’’

Kindergarten students at Quest Elementary showed their generosity during a program to celebrate both the 100th day of school and the Valentine’s Day season. They were asked to bring in 100 cans of food to donate to the South Brevard Sharing Center. Instead, they surpassed that request with a generous 389 canned food items.

“As we counted each can, the students kept saying they were helping so many people,’’ kindergarten teacher Jenn McMahan said.

Kindergarten students at Quest also made Valentine’s goodie bags and care packages for all the second-grade students at Endeavour Elementary School. Each package had a hand-made Valentine.

“This was such an awesome experience for for our kids and a great lesson in caring for others,’’ kindergarten teacher Jordan Harder said. “The best part was seeing the giant smiles beaming as the students put them together and talked about how happy the kids would be.

The theme of the project was to explain the difference between needing and wanting and the importance of being kind to others.