New technique for hair restoration offered in Suntree


Nikka Cohan is a nurse practitioner for Gelman Hair Restoration.


Hair restoration is becoming more popular and technology has made the procedure less painful.

At Gelman Hair Restoration, nurse practitioner Nikka Cohan recently talked about follicular unit extraction, a new process for hair restoration. FUE is surgical hair replacement that can have permanent results.

“Patients have been highly satisfied with FUE,” said Cohan, who sees patients during the consultations. “It is a long-term solution to hair loss. And unlike the strip procedure, there is no long scar.”

Individual follicles of hair are removed, then reinserted back into the scalp in the thinning area using a micro blade. Recovery is typically seven days.

FUE is the procedure favored by Dr. Clifford Gelman and Dr. Abe Hardoon at Suntree Internal Medicine. The advantages of FUE are that there is no rejection by the body and there are no sutures or lengthy scar. Another method, the strip procedure, does leave a scar.

Gelman provides a personalized technique and procedure for each patient, according to Cohan. Since each patient has different expectations, he feels this is the best approach. Gelman, who has performed the technique since 2009, recently moved to Suntree Internal Medicine from Broadband Drive in Melbourne. Hardoon also will perform the FUE procedure.

“The process is rather lengthy, at least four to five hours,” said Cohan, “because each follicle of hair is removed separately.”

Patients should carefully follow the aftercare instructions such as elevating the head while sleeping and avoiding sun exposure to achieve optimal results.

Following the transplant procedure, Cohan said, new hair growth should start in about three to five months. Transplanted hair should be fully grown in about a year after the procedure. Cohan said that the newly transplanted hair will continue to grow.

“We make it very comfortable for patients,” Cohan said. “We know it is a long procedure, so patients can listen to music or bring a kindle. And, we provide food.”

The cost of the procedure is based upon the area of the head, not per follicle. The overall cost of the procedure can range from $5,000 to $10,000.

Gelman Hair Restoration at Suntree Internal Medicine is located at 6619 North Wickham Road. For information, call 407-351-9558.