Seniors will show off a variety of talent at the Power of Age Expo


Howard Gordon, a master puppeteer who performs with muppet style puppets as well as animal and handmade puppets, will perform in the Seniors Got Talent show at the Boomer Guide Expo.

VIERA VOICE Courtesy of Eric Duncan


The 2018 Boomer Guide Expo will feature a new show, Seniors Got Talent. The free expo will be held from 9:15 a.m. to 1:15 a.m. at The Avenue Viera in the building next to Office Depot on the south side of Carmike Movie Theater.

The theme of the Boomer Guide Expo is the Power of Age.

“We usually hire a band and we thought this year we would go in a different direction and highlight our local talent in Brevard,” said Jill Gaines, publisher of Senior Life and the Boomer Guide, which present the expo each year.

Marsha Clayton, 71, of the six woman Razzle Dazzle Dance Group has been dancing since she was 2½ years old. “I had my first [dance] studio when I was 14,” she said.

The group will perform one or two tap numbers at the expo.

“We do it because we love to do it,” Clayton said of the group.

Spanish flamenco guitar player Eric Duncan, 76, will perform flamenco music at the expo.

“I’m from Aberdeen in Scotland and I was born to a Gypsy family” said Duncan, who has played the guitar since he was 14.

Flamenco is an art form of song, dance and music derived from cultural intermingling associated with the Gypsies of southern Spain. Often the flamenco guitarist “complements the flamenco dancer, but can also play solo,” said Duncan who noted the music is “very passionate.”

Master puppeteer Howard Gordon, 68, will perform songs with his puppets at the expo. After moving to Florida and doing puppeteering in his church, he decided that “there was more of an audience — I should go out and spread some cheer and happiness through other venues.”

He has a stable of 100 puppets that boast a variety of different styles: muppet style puppets; animal puppets; and some are hand-made puppets.

“Puppets convey so many ideas” said Gordon, who enjoys entertaining and bringing “smiles and laughter to people.”

Gaines likes the versatility of the Seniors Got Talent show.

“We’re looking for all different kinds of acts. We have burlesque, singers, dancers and comedy acts. We want to see what’s out there.”

Performers can call 321-242-1235 to see if there still is room on the schedule for more acts.

“It’s not a contest — it’s a performance,” Gaines said. “There's a lot of excitement in the air — the performers are preparing for their time to shine. ”