Sheriff asks community to join team, help hunt bad guys


Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey is delighted with the popularity of his “Wheel of Fugitive” show which attempts to hunt down local lawbreakers.



Every Tuesday night, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey hosts a lively episode of “Wheel of Fugitive,” in an attempt to hunt down local lawbreakers.

The weekly spinning session, a “Wheel of Fortune” parody, features mug shots of 10 Brevard County fugitives. A spinner then lands on one unlucky individual. Citizens are encouraged to tune in and contact the sheriff’s office with tips about the wanted men and women.

“As soon as the spinner rolls, we start getting tips from citizens,” Ivey told a group of Viera and Suntree residents at a recent meeting. “We have fugitives who watch every week to see if they are in it. Whoever it lands on, that’s who we are coming after this week.”

“Wheel of Fugitive” has won national acclaim for its success and innovation. In 2017, it was featured on networks such as CBS and Fox News. Catchy music and a healthy dose of Ivey’s humor mixed with a mission accompanies the brief video.

“I will tell you that UCF just completed a study on “Wheel of Fugitive’s” success, and it has an 88 percent success rate within three to five days,” Ivey said. “That means 88 percent of the fugitives shown either turn themselves in or they are arrested.”

Recently, Ivey added a new show called “Cookin’ up Justice” to the BSCO video lineup. The segment highlights favorite restaurant dishes from local chefs, followed by a crime prevention message or criminal spotlight.

During the “Cookin’ up Justice” video, Ivey meets up with local chefs and assists them in preparing a restaurant specialty. While the meal is cooking, the film switches to “what’s cooking” with crime. A local criminal’s picture and details about a crime are highlighted.

Viewers from the community are invited to call in tips, and Ivey politely asks the lawbreaker point blank to “do the right thing and turn yourself in.”

A recent episode of “Cookin’ up Justice” featured Kelly’s Barbeque Pineapple Chili. Fresh ground beef and sausage are made in house and combined with fresh pineapple and mandarin oranges.

“One of my favorite dishes when I come here,” Ivey said as he stirred the ingredients into a large pot. While the chili cooked, a local fugitive’s photo, name and last seen whereabouts were displayed.

As with “Wheel of Fugitive,” viewers can either contact the crime line or send a message on the app. Ivey thanked citizens for their involvement and their support of the BCSO.

“I have been a (policeman) for going on 39 years now,” Ivey told the citizens recently, “and I have never seen a community that supports its law enforcement officers like this community does.” VV

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