St. Mary’s student sells cookies for soldiers


Manatee Shore Community Girl Scouts under Citrus Council Troop 1438 are enthusiastic about selling Girl Scout Cookies. Most of the Brownies are students at St. Mary's Catholic School in Rockledge.



Kate Yelvington believes that everyone should have a Girl Scouts cookie. Or two.

American soldiers, who are stationed overseas, deserve at least one box — or more — if the 8-year-old Brownie had her way.

“It will make them happy,’’ said Yelvington, who is a member of the Manatee Shore Community Girl Scouts under Citrus Council Troop 1438 for the second consecutive year. “They should get to eat some cookies. They’re across the seas and stuff, and we shouldn’t really forget them. They’re military soldiers who fight for our freedom and a lot of them have died.’’

Every $4 increment buys a box of cookies for American soldiers.

Yelvington sold 252 boxes of cookies last year. This year, her goal is to sell 400 boxes.

Nine types of cookies are being sold this season — Thank-A-Lot, Girl Scouts S’mores, Lemonades, Shortbread, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Sandwich and a Gluten Free cookie.

“I like the Caramel deLites because they’re really sweet, but not super sweet,’’ Yelvington said. “They’re good. Thin Mints are my second favorite, probably.’’

The Girl Scouts have established five skill sets in the cookie program to help the girls become future leaders. Goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics are important qualities to learn.

“I don’t always want to go out and sell cookies,’’ said Yelvington, who is a third grader at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Rockledge. “Sometimes, I want to play. I’ve got to make sacrifices; I just can’t sit at home with a bunch of cookies behind my back. I can’t play and sell cookies at the same time.’’

Members of the troop are limited to two-hour shifts when they sell cookies in booths outside of various local businesses.

Sometimes, the easiest sales are nearby.

“My favorite neighbor Mr. Jim (Mulligan) likes the Thin Mints,’’ Yelvington said. “He likes to freeze them. He’s my best customer.’’

Yelvington is a member of the cheerleading and pep squad at St. Mary’s. Her favorite classes are art, music, physical education and Spanish. She also sings in the choir.

“I like it when my mom says I earned my cookie,’’ Yelvington said. “She lets me eat two. Four has never happened.’’ VV