28 North Gastropub has it all for fine dining, casual atmosphere


Austin Rushnell

Seated in the heart of The Avenue Viera, 28 North Gastropub is a new and fresh aspect for diners looking for an experience.

28 North started establishing itself at The Avenue Viera in May 2018, and opened its doors last December. The founder and CEO is Chris Conneen, who also owns Pizza Gallery & Grill, located directly adjacent to 28 North.

“I love what The Viera Company has done,” Conneen said. “I love the growth that’s happening out here, and obviously the proximity to Pizza Gallery & Grill is a no-brainer for me to manage and be right next door to our operation. The growth here is supportive of what we’re bringing from a culinary place and from a different, urban-y atmosphere. I think Viera is ready for it.”

28 North certainly brings a fresh take on traditional dining, with a plethora of unique and interesting dishes to choose from. There’s an always-fresh menu that changes with the seasons.

The current menu offers items such as a charcuterie board featuring locally-sourced jam, bread, meats and pâtés; a short-rib entrée of Congaree & Penn grits, aged cheddar, and gremolata; and for the traditionalist, a ‘B.A.B’ burger, made with rotating styles of ground beef.

“The one comment that I am getting consistently is that ‘Viera needed this,’ or ‘Brevard needed this,’ ” Conneen said. “I’m like, ‘wow.’ It’s almost every table I go to (someone says), ‘we so needed this.’ I don’t know what it is, (whether) it’s the city-feel, or urban-feel, (or otherwise).”

The chef in the kitchen is Kyle Hash, who prides himself on making chef-quality food, for an incredible dining experience.

All dishes offered by 28 North Gastropub are served with a fine-dining panache in a relaxed atmosphere that is almost entirely unique to Brevard County.

A few curious guests might ask what is a “gastropub”?

“(When we were being established), people would walk by, and 1 in 10 people knew or had heard of a ‘gastropub,’ ” Conneen said. “It’s a bar with upscale food and cocktails, and a fun, energetic vibe; I see a guy here in shorts and flip-flops, eating a $30 lamb dish — that’s a gastropub.”

Patrons ought to be on the lookout for 28 North, because it’s bound to become the go-to venue for a refined dining experience in the Viera area.”