New businesses seeking to flourish in fast-growing Suntree/Viera


Austin Rushnell

It’s always exciting to see new businesses cropping up in your area, and here in Viera there are a few new businesses looking to share their stories.

First on the list is Nini’s Cuban Cuisine. If there’s one thing that South Florida does best, it’s good Cuban food, and Nini’s Cuban Cuisine is one of the best in town.

Nini’s original café opened in Indialantic two years ago, and currently offers authentic Cuban food such as Cuban sandwiches, pan con lechón, fricase de pollo  and milanesa de carne.

“Nini was my husband’s grandmother. That was the nickname that he gave to her,” said owner Carla Morales. “He loves his grandma very much. Since he was a little boy, he was always was in her kitchen, learning all the good recipes that we have in the restaurant (today).”

Nini’s is proud to offer Cuban food made in the traditional fashion, while still possessing the ease of modern eateries.

“In the Viera location, we are going to be more like a café-style. We’ll have more like a grab-and-go,” Morales said. “I think that what is very interesting about our menu is that our flavors are very traditional, but presented in the (style of) today. Cuban food over the years has been very mistreated. Cuban is very complex preparation-wise, so we are very proud to say that most of our dishes are homemade. We have taken our time, and we have put so much love into our food.”

Nini’s currently is hiring at its new venue in Viera, located at 7640 North Wickham Road. For more information about Nini’s new venue in Viera, call 321-821-4928.

Another new business in Viera is an in-vitro fertility clinic, IVFMD. The facility opened in December 2018 and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Feb. 11. During the festivities, IVFMD founder and Director of Medicine Dr. Juergen Eisermann informed the Viera Voice about the newly opened facility in Viera.

“We’re based on a symbiotic relationship between physicians and embryologists,” Eisermann said. “A strong component of our practice is assisted reproduction; everything from inseminating women with their husband’s sperm to retrieving eggs and fertilizing them in a lab and transferring them back into (the patient), called in-vitro fertilization.”

IVFMD is one of the few clinics in Brevard County that offers on-site testing, seven days a week.

“What we offer that’s different than most (IVF clinics) is that we don’t make our patients travel to a facility that has an IVF lab; we’re open seven days a week,” said Chief Operating Officer Oscar Machado. “We cater to the community and we cater to the patients.”

IVFMD is located at 8059 Spyglass Hill Road, Suite 102 and is now seeing patients. For information, call 321-752-0111.

Another clinic that opened in December 2018 and is new to Viera is the office of rheumatologist Dr. Linnette Lopez-Lopez.

Lopez-Lopez offers services for rheumatic conditions, including conditions such as rheumatic arthritis, lupus, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, gout and other ailments.

“I offer (services for) basically anything rheumatic, anything related to the joints,” Lopez-Lopez said. “However, I also work with patients with autoimmune conditions.”

Lopez-Lopez works with patients suffering from muscular-skeletal issues such as bursitis, tendonitis and trigger finger.

“We can do a lot to help patients not only reduce inflammation, but the pain, too,” Lopez-Lopez said. “We can provide a lot of treatments to increase the quality of life.”

The office of Lopez-Lopez is located at 7630 North Wickham Road, Suite 104. For information, call 321-725-1600.

Vista Florida Realty recently moved from 6450 North Wickham Road, Suite 104 to 7630 North Wickham Road, Suite 101. Grace Vista is the owner and broker of the expanding company.