Seminar educates on elder abuse


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Austin Rushnell

Brevard County is filled with golf courses, luxury homes and apartments. There are plenty of things to do for an easygoing retirement, which is what makes it a hub of senior living.

One thing that people often overlook when thinking about retirement and homecare, however, is what could happen to our family members when nobody is looking.

On Feb. 21, the Brevard Commission on Aging along with other organizations focusing on seniors presented the 2019 Elder Abuse Awareness & Education Seminar Series.

This series offered six speakers covering a wide range of topics, such as senior finances and signs of abuse in seniors.

The series presented on Feb. 21 was titled Laying the Tracks.

“‘Laying the Tracks’ (represents) laying the tracks into your future,” said Theresa Russel, a senior human services program specialist. “We base the seminars (on the audience) — one for general (audiences) and one for professionals. This one (was) for the general public.”

The six speakers were:

Dr. Visa Srinivasan, the medical director of Health First Aging Services; Glenn Krasny, a professional guardian, private case manager and facilitator; James Phillips, founder and president of Phillips Financial Advisors; Joe Downs, with TRIAD for Brevard Seniors; Theresa Russel, senior human services program specialist for the State of Florida, Dept. of Children & Families (Central Florida Region).

The presentations discussed topics such as memory loss, senior caregiving and financial issues, and signs of elder abuse to be on the look out