Author risks image to tell ‘his’ story


Sylvia Schenatzky said the afterlife presence and energy of Michael Jackson that inspired her book was overwhelming at times.

Cory Davis

Suntree resident Sylvia Schenatzky has written a book called “Beyond the Eyes: THIS IS IT Becomes a True Story,” because, she says, she couldn’t not write it.

The German-born mother of two felt chosen to tell the true story of Michael Jackson as he told it to her — after his death.

“I know people may find this very strange because it is supernatural,” Schenatzky said.  “I did not want to create this book but Michael insisted on me doing this project to let everyone know there is life after death. ‘This Is It’ was to be the name of his comeback concert, but it now represents the power of the afterlife that cannot be seen, and ‘Beyond the Eyes’ refers to the all-seeing eye that many have heard of but is not fully understood.”

In the book, illustrated by artist Kate Johannsen, Schenatzky also proclaims Jackson’s innocence of child molestation charges, detailing how the accusations destroyed the singer’s life. In truth, he loved them deeply, truly, above all else, she writes. She is working on a follow-up book to go into more depth.

Schenatzky included lyrics to songs she penned by “automatic writing,” which she says Jackson channeled to her, addressing her by the name Lilly, a sister from a past life, and a soul mate from another. While never a fan, she realized she had a psychic connection to Jackson from childhood on that became supercharged with his death.

Though not a fan of body ink, she had the word “Believe” tattooed on her arm inside a heart design that she says Jackson picked out to express love to the world. 

“I am not someone who is desperate for attention or pursuing riches,” Schenatzky said. “Sometimes when a task, a calling, is placed on you so strongly, it is impossible to refuse.”

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