Doubles duo outpaces tennis rivals decades their junior


Russ Reinhard and David Bonnar drove to Ft. Myers to qualify in the finals in December in the state seniors tournament.

Viera Voice Photo

Don’t expect hijinks on or after court time for these doubles tennis players. David Bonnar and Russ Reinhard of Viera are serious athletes.

At age 80 and 83, they beat out players in their 60s to qualify for and advance through state trials and will head to the National Senior Tennis Tournament in Minneapolis, Minn. in July. 

The duo met when Reinhard started playing tennis with Bonnar as team captain, and eventually they became co-captains, typically playing for Rockledge in the Space Coast League.

They play league games and they also play for practice. Their competitions may require grueling travel.

They traveled to Jacksonville late last year to qualify for state competitions, and then they aced those trials in December in Fort Myers, requiring an overnight stay for the long drive.

The Minneapolis trip will require cross-country travel at the hottest time of the year, to a destination that can be even hotter and more humid in late summer. Their wives will join them, increasing travel costs.

All these factors were carefully considered in determining whether to accept the hard fought honor they had won to go to the nationals held only every other year.

“We thought, heck, we’re in our 80s, we’d better go now,” Bonnar said. “Who knows what’s going to happen in another two years.”