Inside the Ropes at VEMA


Bob Urban made two holes-in-one in less than one month at Viera East Golf Club.

Craig Smith

On March 19, the Viera East Men’s Golf Association (VEMA) completed its two-day Ryder Cup competition. After the first day, the Blue Team was behind the Red Team 7 ½ points to 5 ½ points; however, the Blue Team pulled ahead on the second day to defeat the Red Team 14 ½ points to 11 ½ points.

In mid-April, VEMA held its annual Club Championship during a two- day period. This year’s Club Champion was Jim Minsky with a gross score of 155. Minsky shot 82 and 73 to win the men’s championship by five strokes. 

As part of VEMA’s April competition schedule, the Club Championship flight winners played an 18-hole match to determine the VEMA Masters Champion. The competing flight winners were Tim Brown for Flight 1, Gerry Adams for Flight 2, Fred Baltazar for Flight 3 and Steve Vasilveich for Flight 4.

VEMA recognizes two recent individual accomplishments. 

Jim Robinson shot his age or better during the first week of April. Robinson carded 2-under-par 70 on April 3 and shot 1-under-par 71 on April 6. 

Bob Urban of Brantford Court achieved one of the most amazing feats in all of golf — the coveted hole-in-one. But what he accomplished was rarer than rare. He had two aces in less than one month. Urban aced the par-3 fourth hole on March 12 and the par-3 13th hole on April 6. 

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