Local actress records voiceovers from home


Nancy Johnson works from a closet in her Suntree home recording voiceovers.

photo by Wendy Scheuring

It is becoming more common to work from home, but little would anyone suspect that Suntree resident Nancy Johnson is using her closet as a sound recording studio. 

“My first job was working at Post Group at the Disney MGM recording studios,” she said. “I remember being nervous on my first job, ‘Best Start on Breastfeeding.’ People were coming by on a tour and were watching me.

“I submitted it for the FMPTA awards and won best female voiceover,” she added. She soon became known as “The Voiceover Queen.”

Besides voiceovers, her portfolio includes TV work, including films, commercials and infomercials. A regular female voice on the Golf Channel, she has also played a news reporter on the television show “SeaQuest,” and did TV promo work for the Home Shopping Network. 

Today, she travels only as far as Orlando or Tampa for work because she is also a caregiver to husband Mel Johnson, once a top casting director in Florida. When he moved from Los Angeles to Orlando, he cast roles for episodic shows on Nickelodeon, as well as film. The two met when she was auditioning for a secondary role in “Problem Child 2.” She was called back twice, then shot the scene. 

“That scene was later written out of the script,” she laughs. But the experience prompted her to take a class he was teaching. They married in 1993.

Four years later, they bought a 7,000-square-foot home overlooking Frenchman Bay in Bar Harbor, Maine. They opened a bed and breakfast, Sunset over West. The winters were spent in Orlando with Mel casting and Nancy acting. When Mel developed Lyme disease in 2003, they moved back to Orlando full-time.

He continued to experience symptoms and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s five years later.   

“Parkinson’s is frustrating,” she said. “It affects the thought process and speech.” 

Still, they are hopeful about a recent Parkinson’s double blind study where Mel is improving. With that hope in mind, Nancy continues on with her acting career.

For more information on Nancy Johnson, go to NancyBarber.net