County finds a way to put in Suntree traffic light


Eagle's Landing residents Tony D'Alessandro and Bella do a happy dance as construction ensues on the new traffic light on Wickham Road that has been the site of many serious accidents, including one involving his wife, Marie.

photo by Linda Wiggins

Suntree resident Tony D'Alessandro breathed a sigh of relief the moment he found out. Construction has begun on a traffic light on Wickham Road out front of his Eagle's Landing community at and Forest Lake Drive.

His wife, Marie, is one of the many residents from communities on both sides of Wickham Road to be involved in crashes at the location, a number of them deadly.

“It has got so bad, you hear a terrible crash, and you run to the entrance to make sure it is not your loved one or a neighbor. We have had as many as three in a week, tying up traffic sometimes for hours until it gets resolved. This is such a relief, you have no idea.”

The intersection is near Advent Lutheran Church on the north side of Wickham Road and the Publix shopping plaza to the southwest.

A request by area residents resulted in Brevard County commission approval of the light in July, 2014, and design approval in March, 2015. Bids were due by Sept. 23, 2016 but neither of two submissions was accepted by the Brevard County traffic planning department. It was anticipated that the project would have to go back out to bid, which could have added another year to the timeline.

Director of Brevard County Public Works John Denninghoff worked with Suntree Master Homeowners Association to explore alternatives and found a way to move forward immediately.

There will be no suspended light box at the new intersection, but rather signal light panels will be fixed to long mast-arms over the road that angle out from a pole installed in the ground. Similar new lights were recently installed along North Wickham Road in Viera at the intersection of Interstate 95 and along Lake Andrew Drive and Stadium Parkway.

The intersection will require four arms, one over Forest Lake Drive, one over Golden Eagle Court, and one each over the west- and east-bound lanes of Wickham Road. The project entails extensive utility coordination to ensure there are no conflicts with the proposed mast-arm locations.    

For more information, contact Public Works/Finance at 321-617-7202.