Oakley claims jacket at VEMA’s Masters


Bill Oakley, center, receives a Viera East Men’s Golf Association Masters jacket from Bob David, left, and Gary Shiffrin, the VEMA president.


Nobody will mistake Bill Oakley for Tiger Woods, but he has a new jacket just like the pro golf icon.

Oakley won the Viera East Men’s Golf Association Masters in a tough battle with Andy Mammay, Mark Hughes and Jim Kopliner to claim his jacket after the four-man playoff.

For those who did not compete in VEMA’s Master's, a  four-man scramble was held.

The team of Ross Shiffrins, Ed Weirda, Mike Schmitt, Larry Henris finished first.

Kevin Blaine, Simon Cole, Glen Tarsha and John Perino teamed up to place second.

The team of David Jensen, Jack Webb and Craig Smith finished third.

Robbie Rosenberger, Abe Leonard, Ed Raleigh and Frank Westwell placed fourth.

Peter Maloney on No. 3, Paul Winter on No. 7, Lorenzo Battle on No. 13 and Kevin Blaine on No. 16 were closest-to-the-pin.

The top flight winners for the second round of the Masters qualifier were Jim Koplinger in the A flight, Mark Hughes in the B flight, Bill Oakley in the C flight and Andy Mammay in the D flight.

Steven Everson, Jim Wilcoxin, Marc Brown and Bill Scholtens competed in the A flight.

Ed Wierda, Simon Cole, Freddie Baltazar and Raj Patel competed in the B flight.

Steve Vasilevich, Mike Schmitt and Gary Koch competed in the C flight.

Gen Tarsha, John Perino, Dick May and Jack Webb competed in the D flight.

Dennis Lamb on No. 4, Kevin Blaine on No. 7, Marc Brown on No. 13 and Steven Wing on No. 16 were closest-to-the-pin. VV