Good health, financial security and no place like home


IRCC COO and general manager John K. Robinson has a lot to smile about this Veterans Day season. Photo by Linda WIggins

Getting first-class entertainment and important information out to Viera Voice sister paper Senior Life readers at great community events would not be possible without major sponsors. 

Here is a spotlight on three major boosters for the Senior Life Boomer Bash & Senior Expo with Veterans Salute at Port Canaveral from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Nov. 6: Health First, Morgan Stanley in Viera and Indian River Colony Club in Viera.

The free outdoor expo will offer free admission to Exploration Tower for attendees 55 and older, live music by the Vietnam-era classic-rock band The Tree Frogs, and classic car and art attractions, page 28.


Happy birthday baby boomer means making choices

If you’re closing in on your 65th birthday, it’s time to start thinking about choosing Medicare coverage. There are a host of options available, so experts say don’t wait until the enrollment period is upon you before selecting the best plan to help with your medical needs.

Health First Health Plans representatives will be on hand at the expo to discuss whether their Medicare Advantage plan is the solution.

“Consumers will want to begin researching plan options at least six months to a year before they’re eligible for Medicare, so they can have a good understanding of both the benefits and any limitations in the provider network and drug coverage,” Health First representative Denitza Hernandez said.

Other representatives on hand from this major sponsor will be from the Health First Sleep Center, Health First’s Aging Services, Health First’s Palm Bay Hospital Joint Center and Health First Medical Equipment.

To navigate the various plan options, familiarize yourself with the terms. Original Medicare is a fee-for-service plan provided through the federal government. It comprises two parts — Medicare Part A (hospital coverage) and Medicare Part B (medical services). A Medicare Supplement, or Medigap policy, is sold by private insurance companies and helps pay some of the costs, such as co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles not covered by Original Medicare. A Part C, or Medicare Advantage Plan, provides Medicare Part A and B coverage. These plans typically offer lower premiums than Supplement plans and may include Prescription Drug Coverage with them.

“Not all plans are created equal, and coverage and services vary from plan to plan,” Hernandez said.


Veterans honors, new homes set IRCC aglow

When  the Indian River Colony Club appears at the Boomer Bash & Senior Expo for the 2:30 p.m. Veterans Salute, they will have already saluted veterans among the Greatest Generation.

The Viera golf course community designed for U.S. military officers but now open to others donated funds to send three World War II veterans on their Honor Flight. The nonprofit sends WWII and now Korean War veterans to visit their  battle memorials in Washington, D.C. IRCC awarded the $1,200 at the Aug. 14 “Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive” event to celebrate the victorious end of World War II. Like the Boomer Bash, it was a Senior Life event.

“It  was such a pleasure knowing that the resources committed by IRCC are honoring World War II veterans in such a unique, effective way,” IRCC COO  and general manager John K. Robinson said.


Reaching out one-on-one provides meaningful reward

Thoughtful decision-making usually begins with a lot of questions. As you get answers and information, you can develop a framework for evaluating different choices and strategies.

This in mind, The Saad Group at Morgan Stanley in Viera made plans to set up shop and speak to individuals one-on-one at the Senior Life Boomer Bash & Senior Expo.

“Little by little, you gain both the knowledge and confidence to make decisions and create a plan that helps you achieve your goals,” said Ayad Saad, First Vice President and Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley.

Saad and his partner, Irina Catraniuc, Financial Advisor, will be at the event to meet with attendees who are approaching retirement or who are already retired and want to be sure their nest egg is in place.

Saad is in the same place as many Boomer Bash attendees. He is in the peak of his career and looking to help more families in Brevard, but also interested in enjoying life with his family.

“I am here at the office starting in the very early hours of the morning. I work hard tending to the needs of my clients, and I am always looking for whom else I can help with my knowledge and information. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling with my family. I have two children in college, George and Jessica, and they are the most valuable assets in
my life.”

Saad is active with local service clubs in the Suntree/Viera area, volunteering and fundraising to help children in need. He also does outreach work through his St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Suntree.

There is no line to speak of between his business life and his personal life. It’s all about service, he said.

With a bachelor’s degree in Science and Engineering from Purdue University, Saad changed careers in order to affect people’s lives on a deeper level, and now has 23 years of experience in the financial service industry.

“Here, I deepened my beliefs in valuing people, time and relationships. I combined my knowledge, experience and desire to help my clients live more meaningfully, especially in retirement. Work is important, but family is key, and you want to feel like you are giving  back to the community to make it a better place to live and work. All of this takes a financial plan to put these pieces together. I believe a balanced life is the key to happiness.”

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