3 R's bolstered by 2 P's


Quest Elementary School teachers Randi Ondo, left, Cheree Cochran and Michelina Grelck are rolling out the “Growth Mindset” program to help students excel in their studies and beyond through persistence and a positive attitude.

photo by Jonathan Bolitho

Reading, writing and arithmetic are necessary subjects of education, but persistence and a positive attitude are the fuel that help smarts make it to the finish line, both in school and later in commerce. 

This is the mindset of a new program rolled out this year at Quest Elementary School in Viera called “Growth Mindset.” 

Results were already noticeable well before the end of the first quarter, Oct. 14. 

“Students have a more positive attitude and are not giving up easily when it comes to complex assignments,” teacher Cheree Cochran said. 

Student Ethan Hodges works through a cause-effect activity in the new “Growth Mindset” program recently rolled out at Quest Elementary School. | PHOTO BY JONATHAN BOLITHOThird-grader Ethan Hodges took the lessons to heart, and then he took the concept home. 

“I encouraged my older brother to not give up when working on a tough assignment and to have a growth mindset,” Hodges said. 

One of the goals is to have students motivate each other as well as themselves. 

“The students have been very receptive to this,” teacher Randi Ondo said. “Students are now encouraging each other to complete the more complex tasks when working through various assignments in school.” 

According to the “Growth Mindset” concept, in order to achieve educational excellence, students need to be able to demonstrate life skills that help them persevere in all challenges that they may face. 

For this, teachers are digging deep into learning the habits of persistence themselves, teacher Michelina Grelck said. 

“It will be the goal that all students will be taught how to use multiple strategies to solve problems, analyze the effectiveness of strategies, and to sustain good effort for longer periods of time.”