Viera High student wins Habitat for Humanity art contest


Winning the Habitat for Humanity art contest turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise for Viera High senior Samantha Dodge. Winning the Habitat for Humanity art contest turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise for Viera High senior Samantha Dodge. 

“Yeah, it was (nice to win), especially since I wasn’t really expecting to win,” Dodge said. “I was doing it as a fun thing.” 

Dodge was one of 150 Viera students from Dr. Susan West’s 2D, 3D, Drawing 1 and Drawing 2 classes to take part in the competition, which was part of the celebration of World Habitat Day on Oct. 3. 

The Habitat for Humanity of Brevard County invited Brevard County Schools to take part by designing 7x7-inch quilt squares that represented Habitat and came with the theme of “Everyone Deserves a Decent Place to Live.” 

One winner was declared in each of the elementary, middle and high school divisions. 

Victoria Dubois of Central Middle School won in her division, while Suntree Elementary sixth-grader Kadie Zulon was also a winner. 

West said the competition gave her a chance to jump start working with her art students on some of the intricacies of working with Microsoft software. 

“Usually, in February, I teach my students how to use the drawing tools in Microsoft Word, but I was able to get a computer lab and I thought this was a perfect opportunity,” West said. 

“They could use the text. It’s really easy to do that. And I could teach them the processes and techniques. We went to the computer lab for three days and they learned how to use that technology. And then they had purpose. 

“For most of them, it related to them because they know homelessness is important and they’ve heard of Habitat for Humanity. They did a really good job on it. They were very creative.” 

Dodge, who said she is already certified in both Microsoft and graphic design, worked on her project for several days. 

What she came up with was a very impressive design that included the globe and the Habitat for Humanity logo. 

“Her composition skills were really interesting because she contrasted the bright, warm colors against the darker, cool colors. She’s using the globe to really show that habitats are necessary around the world. And the way she did her fonts, with the glowing edges and shadows, it gives it a sense of depth. 

“… The tree kind of symbolizes life and the people who are habituating the homes. That was one of the criteria, that your subject matter had to match the theme.” 

Dodge, who moved to Brevard from Orlando prior to her senior year, said that while she enjoys art, she has previously taken some IT classes and is planning on studying Cyber Security when she gets to college.