House system increases Holy Trinity’s school spirit


Holy Trinity senior Carlo Campanini (holding Tiger) was one of a large group of Tigers fans that attended the Pink Game at Viera High last month. Under a house system developed by Campanini, Holy Trinity students were divided into four groups and can earn points for their respective houses by attending games and special events and also getting good grades.


We’ve got spirit, yes we do.

We’ve got spirit, and our house is … Aqua?

Well, it is for some Holy Trinity students. Under a new house system designed to boost school spirit, students in grades nine to 12 were randomly placed in four different houses — Aqua (Water), Aura (Air), Flamma (Fire) and Terra (Earth) — and will earn points throughout the year based on attending games or special events, along with getting good grades.

The house system was designed by senior Carlo Campanini who thought it would be a good idea to make school spirit a competition.

Each student is given a unique barcode which is scanned by a member of the student government when they attend a game. Campanini then inputs the data into a program he learned while taking an AP computer science class.

Students are identified and matched to their house and that house receives points.

“It’s been going really well,” Campanini said. “A lot of people are coming out to games. The first football game, we had 110 students come out. That was way more than we’d seen in my time here.

“(Even) the faculty’s getting involved and the faculty’s coming to games. I know, playing soccer, it’s always good to look at the sidelines and someone who teaches you is watching you play.”

The idea for the house system came last year when Campanini attended a junior retreat and spoke with seniors about ways to increase school spirit. He talked to his father, who grew up in England where they had house systems. And, of course, he also learned about the house system from reading Harry Potter books.

Before taking his proposal to Nancy Giangrisostomi, the Head of Upper School, Campanini talked to a number of classmates to make sure they approved of his plan. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t work.

Giangrisostomi not only likes the house system, but the fact that it was a student who came up with the idea.

“We are always thrilled when students take the initiative to develop new ideas to improve our school, and the creation of the house system is already proving to be a great way to keep our high school students, faculty and staff engaged in student life here at Holy Trinity,” she said.

Students also can earn points by getting highest honors or high honors.

The winning house will get to attend an end-of-the-year party for free and have its name engraved on a house cup. Those students will also get out-of-uniform privileges for final exams.

Now that he’s come up with the system, Campanini is thinking of ways to keep it going beyond this year.

“I’m probably the only senior right now who’s really worried about the school after they leave,” he joked “There are a lot of things that need to be done, thinking ahead of how this is going to last.

“It’s great this year, but I don’t want it to be (just) great this year. I want it to be great every year.”