Entrepreneurial course at Holy Trinity a success


Holy Trinity students Tim Nunno, left, and Morgan Bierbrunner work on their class project.

Courtesy of Holy Trinity’s Michelle Salyer

Schools in the Melbourne and Suntree areas have the unique opportunity for their students to work directly with the Florida Institute of Technology, and some students are signing up to do just that.

At Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy,  students can sign up for a Florida Tech-sponsored entrepreneur class, titled Foundations in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The class is led by Florida Tech adjunct instructor Dr. Beth Gitlin, a principal and founder of BJG Global Consulting.

HTEA students will earn three college-credit hours at the conclusion of the course, while not losing the high school experience. At the same time, the class also is being taught to college freshmen at Florida Tech.

“One of the main goals of the class is to get the students to think about different processes in creativity, innovation design-thinking and problem-solving,” Gitlin said. “Toward the end of this course, they’ll also work on an introduction to entrepreneurship. It’s all the things that you need to think about that it takes to be an entrepreneur.”

The course is run as an elective class at HTEA, and students sign up voluntarily to participate —  which means that the class is notably filled with self-motivated students. This leads to an even more successful classroom experience for the students.

“One of the challenges for the students is getting prepared for a college-level course,” Gitlin said. “In a college-level course, they have a lot more reading to do that may not be discussed in the lecture, or in a discussion format, so they have to take the responsibility to do that reading, because it’s covered in exams.

“The overall challenge is that there’s so many interesting and great things to do that it’s hard to fit it in a 48-minute section,” Gitlin added.

For more information about the Foundations in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship course at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, go to htacademy.org.