Holy Trinity looking for ‘right fit’ for school president


From establishing an academic merit scholarship program to bringing in academic coaches for students in need and even adding more classes on both campuses for those who are “math precocious,” James Landi has accomplished a lot in his first year as the Headmaster at Holy Trinity.

Now, Landi and the school’s Board of Trustees plan to add something else:

A succession plan for the school’s leadership that will keep Holy Trinity “strong and vibrant” for years to come. To that end, the search has begun to hire a school president.

“We’re hoping to find someone who knows the school really well and who has strong relationships not only in the school community, but also Brevard County … a well-respected individual who can advance the cause of the school to a wider group of people in the county,” Landi said.

Though he has enjoyed a great deal of success in his short time at Holy Trinity, Landi has told the board he cannot commit to decades of service. He will turn 71 next month.

In addition to taking over some of the school’s fundraising efforts, the president would handle more of the everyday operational tasks while Landi would continue to concentrate on overseeing the academic program. Landi would report to the president.

There is no timetable to fill the position.

“The board has appointed a search committee and as (board chair) Dana Kilborne says, we have the luxury of time,” Landi said. “I’m not going anywhere. It may take months. It may take a year. We don’t know.

“But it’s an attractive position for somebody who fits (what we’re looking for). It’s got to be a good fit both for the school and for the individual.”

While the search goes on, Landi will continue making improvements on the academic side.

The school’s Academic Merit Scholarship program added 12 students who might not have otherwise been able to afford to attend Holy Trinity.

Academic coaches have been brought in throughout the entire system to help students who are having minor struggles. Additional math classes have been added on both campuses for students who have shown a natural aptitude for the subject.

Plans for this year include adding additional staff in advanced math at both the upper and lower school and extending the contact hours in the STEAM program on the lower campus. 

The upper school will add academic coaches in English and Social Sciences with an emphasis on writing. 

“It’s an aggressive and ambitious program,” Landi said. “It will be paid for by additional fundraising. Last year, we surprised everybody by raising $640,000. This year, (we hope to) raise a million.”

So while the search goes on to find a president, Landi will continue to serve as the stabilizing force behind the school. While he may not be able to commit to decades of service, he’s still having fun.

“The idea is as long as I have an important role to play at the school, I’m going to be here,” Landi said.