‘Gracie & Lacy’ bring Gatsby Era back to life in Brevard County


Gracie, left, and Lacy will perform in the Boomer Bash and Senior Expo and Veterans’ Salute on Thursday, Nov. 9 at the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum in Titusville.

VIERA VOICE Courtesy of SSL Entertainment

When they were children, Emily “Gracie” Miller and her sister, Lacy, were fortunate to witness musical performances on the old Goldenrod showboat in St. Charles, Mo. It was love at first sight and sound.

The siblings returned to St. Louis determined to replicate the wonderful show they had experienced.

“We rented as many old movies as we could and learned all the songs, and we got bedsheets to use as curtains on our garage door and we put on a show on the driveway,” Gracie Miller said.

“We called it “Broadway on the Driveway." It was so successful that the mayor eventually encouraged us to get off the driveway because so many people were stopping and disrupting traffic.”

The girls shifted venues to arts centers and assembled a full orchestra and cast of as many as 90 young performers, until more and more requests started pouring in for their sister act.

Twenty years ago, they went full time with “Gracie and Lacy,” which offers a variety of family-friendly themed shows that pay homage to the good old days. From their home base in Charleston, S.C., the duo travel up and down the East Coast to delight audiences with their tight harmony, retro costumes, tap dancing and the immortal music of the Great American Songbook.

Gracie and Lacy will headline Bluewater Creative Group’s free Boomer Bash and Senior Expo and Veterans’ Salute, bringing their “Gloriously Gatsby” show to the event which runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 9, at the Valiant Air Command Warbird museum in Titusville.

With costumes designed by Lacy and choreography by Gracie, the show glitters with the glamour of the Jazz Era. In a nod to vaudeville, “Gloriously Gatsby” includes plenty of singing, dancing and comedy routines. Transformed into Jazz Babies, Gracie and Lacy will sing smooth-as-butter harmonies of Victrola day hits such as “Baby Face” and dance to classics such as the Charleston.

“Sometimes, we even teach the audience the Charleston, and we get into sing-alongs with the audience,” Lacy Miller said.

The audience is encouraged to channel its inner Gatsby and dress the part at the Boomer Bash show. Photo opportunities with Gracie and Lacy make the event even more memorable. 

For more information on the Boomer Bash and Senior Expo and Veterans’ Salute, call 321-242-1235 or go to boomerseniorexpo.com.