Viera, Holy Trinity sports scrambling after Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma’s impact on Brevard County will be felt for months in a number of different areas … including high school sports.

From missed practices and canceled games, athletic teams at both Viera and Holy Trinity have had to scramble to try to get back into the groove after Brevard County Public Schools were closed for more than a week due to Irma’s impact.

“Hurricane Irma was not a fan of athletics,” Holy Trinity athletic director Scott Crockett wrote in an email. “The storm put all of our teams behind and affected our scheduling the most. It is almost like starting a new season within the season.

“All of the Holy Trinity teams were forced to take over a week off from practice and it has become a scheduling nightmare. We lost a number of games and matches that will likely not be able to be made up.

“I feel bad for our seniors that have worked so hard and will play less games in their final seasons at Holy Trinity. The good news is that our facilities were spared by the hurricane, and most importantly, all of our athletes returned without harm.”

Viera’s football team was off to a 2-0 start after beating Rockledge in the season opener and then traveling to Washington D.C. to beat Gonzaga.

The Hawks were forced to cancel games against Kissimmee Osceola and Merritt Island before returning to action against Cocoa on Sept. 22.

Viera coach Kevin Mays was trying to reschedule one of those two games to be played on a Monday during the season, but that would mean his team would be playing three games in eight days.

“I think you always worry about (the impact), but I think we’ve got a good enough group of kids that we’ll fight through whatever’s given to us,” Mays said. “We’re going to try to reschedule at least one game, but I’ll see how it works out for everybody.

“I don’t want to put us in a bad situation. It’s about making the playoffs and seeing how deep you can go.”

Even if the Hawks are able to make up one of those two games, that means they will play only nine regular-season games instead of 10.

“It stinks because we’re missing (possibly) two games of our senior season,” senior linebacker David Eaton said.

Although official team activities were canceled, Eaton and senior wide receiver Quinton Russack-Cradeur said they were able to work out on their own with some of their teammates.

After all, keeping the team chemistry together is very important, especially on a team that was playing outstanding defense and just starting to click offensively.

“We were on a roll,” Russack-Cradeur said. “Missing two games, we’re going to have to practice a little harder and a little longer to get back the momentum we were having.”

The same can be said for other sports such as volleyball, golf, cross country and swimming.

Holy Trinity volleyball coach Pete Klonowski had three games canceled, including a district matchup with Cocoa that has been rescheduled for Oct. 2. The Tigers will play four consecutive games the first week of the month.

Likewise, Viera volleyball coach Sarah Wayne said she was eager to get back to work after missing 12 days of practice and four games.