Woods joins Space Coast Ophthalmology


Optometrist Bernadette Woods is an exercise enthusiast during her free time.

VIERA VOICE Courtesy of Kim Biegel

Optometrist Bernadette Woods has joined Space Coast Ophthalmology and she is thrilled to be there. After practicing in several other locations, Woods has returned to Titusville, reconnecting with former patients and teaming up with Dr. Nicholas Pefkaros, an ophthalmologist.

Woods is not new to Titusville, having previously practiced at Woods-McShane Eye Care for 10 years. That practice, now Woods Eye Care in Viera, was voted “Best Eye Care and Glasses” in a 2014 survey. Ask her almost any question about the eyes, and Woods will have an answer. She also is quick to offer advice and explanations on the subject of eye care.

“I specialize in dry-eye disease and ocular nutrition counseling,” Woods said. “People don’t realize that eye problems can be from hypertension, diabetes or something else. Eye problems are usually related to another problem. Inflammation in the eye starts with inflammation in the body.”

Woods has been passionately practicing optometry for 24 years. Excited about reconnecting with her former patients and meeting new ones, Woods enjoys explaining eye care to patients. And she just loves talking about things like plasticity of the brain, training the eyes and the mind-eye-body connection.

“I kind of fell into optometry,” Woods said. “I went and observed patients and fell in love with it. After graduating from college, I did biochemical research, which was interesting, but I knew I wanted to interact with patients. I love the people component.”

Woods praises Pefkaros, who has been voted as a top ophthalmologist by the Consumer Research Council. Woods mentioned that Pefkaros once flew in on a moment’s notice to assist a patient on Christmas Eve. In addition to his personal touch, Pefkaros offers comprehensive eye care and
eye surgery.

“When I saw his work, I knew I wanted to work with him,” Woods said. “He is compassionate and caring, and (we both) try to approach medicine from a non-business vantage point.”

With two daughters in college, Woods continues to be all about family. And that includes her patients.

“My patients become like family to me,” Woods said. “In today’s world, medicine is definitely a business. Medicine is more healing when you connect on a spiritual level.”

In her spare time, Woods is an avid exercise enthusiast, doing marathons and cross fit training. She also enjoys yoga and traveling with her husband and daughters.

Space Coast Ophthalmology strives for patient satisfaction, brief wait times and offers same-day care. It is located at 1832 Garden Street in Titusville.