Holy Trinity golf teams focused on winning district titles


Holy Trinity's top player Daniel Muniz works on his game at the Suntree Country Club. Muniz is hoping he can get to the regionals this season.


The Holy Trinity boys and girls golf teams are both in a similar situation this season.

They both have a nice mixture of talented veterans and young players. And they’re both setting their sites on winning their respective district championships.

“Our main goal is always to win the district,” Holy Trinity boys coach Ron Benfield said. “I think all of us in the district are about the same (although) Edgewood might be a little ahead of us right now.

“Most of our matches are right before the district (tournament) so I’m hoping our scores will improve once we get closer to the district.”

Senior Daniel Muniz is the Tigers’ No. 1 player this season, followed by No. 2 Rahul Parsanna, a junior.

“Daniel’s capable of really scoring well, Rahul is, too,” Benfield said.

That duo is followed by freshman Cody Royston, seventh-grader Cash Hope and either Mitch McCullar (eighth grade), Roham Parsanna (seventh grade) or Joe Coston (sophomore) in the sixth spot.

“The main thing is, since all of us can’t hit it long, it’s about consistency and being accurate with all of our shots,” Muniz said. “I think with this team, we’re pretty good with that. I think that’s what’s going to be the most important thing this year.”

While Holy Trinity’s girls feature a pair of seniors in the top two spots — Soy Choi and Grace Dance — there are no juniors on the team and a number of sophomores.

That list includes No. 3 Emma Baumgartner, No. 4 Ellen Choi and Avery Kenney in the No. 5 spot. Another sophomore, Niki Katz, shares the No. 6 spot with freshman Emily Rotgers and there are a few more younger players behind them.

“We’re 5-1, but we’re much better than 5-1,” Tigers coach Chuck Goldfarb said. “We need to get better. We’re averaging about 184, but we need to get down consistently into the 170s.

“But they’re a great bunch of kids. They work hard.”

The Tigers, who won their only district title in 2013, know they will have to overcome a tough MCC team if they’re going to claim another title for the program.

Dance, who believes the Tigers are a stronger team mentally this season than they have been in the past, would like nothing better than to close out her high school career with a district title.

But what also makes the senior happy is knowing that there are a lot of younger players on the roster who could make Holy Trinity a perpetual contender.

“We have a lot of rookies, which is good,” Dance said. “…. They’ve had a lot of playing time. I think they’ll be good in the future, which is good. That will make me happy.”