Kids Mini-Crow Building Contest promises to be competitive


Phoebe Pederson built Peeves Crow, a Frankenstein robot. The robot won a prize last year in the kids mini crow building contest.

VIERA VOICE Darrell Woehler

The odds of winning the Kids Mini-Crow Building Contest in the seventh Scarecrow Stroll and Harvest Festival on Oct. 20 got a little bit easier this year due to a wedding in Colorado.

Phoebe Pederson and Kahlan Pederson, who each won prizes last year in the Kids Mini-Crow Building Contest, will attend their uncle’s wedding in Colorado the same weekend as the annual festival.

Phoebe’s Peeves was a Frankenstein robot, and Kahlan’s Spike was a dragon.

“I like how the children used their creativity and imagination to create something for the community,’’ said Amy Pederson, the mother of the two children. “We actually did not plan to participate until after seeing all the big ’Crows in the Stroll.’’

Various businesses in Suntree, Viera and Rockledge will build their own ’Crows. Participants in the Scarecrow Stroll are asked to visit the businesses and log in the secret code for each Scarecrow on their ballot to win possible prizes. The deadline to turn in ballots for the Stroll is Oct. 17.

Extra green felt from around the house in a previous project led to the creation of Spike, a dragon with spikes on his back.

Peeves was composed of several rolls of toilet paper and recycled material around the house.

Mini-Crows can be no taller than 3 feet and they must incorporate straw or hay. All Mini-Crows must be on site and ready for display at The Avenue Viera by 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20 when the Harvest Festival begins.

There will be two age groups — 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 14 years old. The winner in each age group will be awarded $30. A second-place showing will earn $20. Ribbons will be awarded to everyone else.

“I like to see the kids arrive with their scarecrows beautifully designed,’’ said Jill Blue, the publisher of the Viera Voice and the CEO of Bluewater Creative Group which conducts the Harvest Festival each year. “They’re so proud of their creations. The kids are quite competitive. They spend a lot of time on it for sure.’’

This will be the fourth time that the Kids Mini-Crow Building Contest has been held as part of the Scarecrow Stroll and Harvest Festival.

“They like to take them home,’’ Blue said. “Their creativity is amazing, and the supplies they use are very resourceful and clever. They might use a basketball for a head, and it’s amazing what they can do with a single cardboard box.’’

Entry slips are available in the October issue of the Viera Voice. For information, call 321-242-1235.