Palm trees spruce up Viera roads


The addition of new palm trees near the intersection of Stadium Parkway and Judge Fran Jamieson Way gives the area a tropical look.

VIERA VOICE Chris Bonanno

If you’ve driven on Stadium Parkway near the intersection with Judge Fran Jamieson Way recently, you’ve probably noticed some new additions in the median of the road.

Recently, more than 50 palm trees were planted by The Viera Company in an effort to spruce up the area.

“I think it was one of the unfinished pieces,” said Todd Pokrywa, president of the Viera Company. “Exiting off I-95 at Fiske Boulevard or the Viera Boulevard interchange when it’s finished will bring you through that section of roadway toward either residential or commercial properties that we’re selling. So the experience needs to be consistent with the rest of Viera, that high-quality finish that we’ve been dedicated to providing.”

Pokrywa added that The Viera Company will be funding new road construction coming up in the area as well.

“Over the course of the next six, eight weeks, we’re planning to kick off the widening of Viera Boulevard from where it currently transitions down to two lanes east of Murrell Road down to U.S. 1,” Pokrywa said.  “We’re trying to line up the schedule of that improvement, so as closely as we can that we would be substantially complete when the new interchange opens.”

Their investment in the widening of a portion of Viera Boulevard comes after the recent total funding of widening projects for portions of Wickham Road near Murrell Road and for portions of Stadium Parkway from near Viera Boulevard to Fiske Boulevard in Rockledge. The company also contributed more than $12 million, or roughly two-thirds of the construction cost to help fund recently concluded construction work on Barnes Boulevard in Rockledge.