Borrowed Buddies offers dogs unique outings


One of the dogs available to borrow through the SPCA's Borrowed Buddies program is Dawn.

Courtesy of SPCA of Brevard

Our dogs live in our homes, sleep beside us and get to spend plenty of time in healthy play in parks, on the beach or even just at home.

For dogs in shelters, however, this vital aspect of playtime and socialization can sometimes be lacking. To help promote good socialization of shelter dogs, the SPCA of Brevard announced on Aug. 26, National Dog Day, its new Borrowed Buddies program for shelter dogs.

Borrowed Buddies allows for participants to check out a dog for a day, providing the dog with important, social free-time outside of the kennel.

“Borrowed Buddies gives the public the opportunity to check out a shelter dog for the day and go on adventures,” SPCA officials wrote in a news release.  “The premise for the program is that giving a dog a break from the shelter allows him or her to decompress, spend time interacting with new environments and even have the opportunity to meet a potential family.”

The public is invited to visit their local SPCA Adoption Center, where staff will match a dog to the participant(s), and also suggest nearby dog-friendly locations. Upon return, SPCA staff will inquire as to the dog’s behavior and hopefully learn a bit more about the dog.

Borrowed Buddies also is completely free of charge, which makes it a perfect idea for a free day outside, especially with the autumnal season approaching.

“There are lots of options when participating and taking a buddy on an adventure,” said Susan Naylor, the public relations coordinator for SPCA of Brevard. “Some things may be better depending on the dog, but we always recommend checking out dog-friendly restaurants and stores. Plus, parks are a fun choice as well.”

Participants also are, of course, encouraged to adopt the Borrowed Buddies they take for the day.

According to Naylor, the dogs love the opportunity to get some sunshine and take some well-deserved free time outside of the shelter.

“Every dog is different, so some may be a little anxious. But, we've found so far that most dogs are just excited to go on an adventure.”

For more information about the Borrowed Buddies program or the SPCA of Brevard, call 321-567-3615. The SPCA Adoption Center is located at 6035 Sisson Road in Titusville.