Florida law limits use of hazard lights


Florida law says use your hazard lights only whenever your vehicle is stopped or disabled on the road.

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If you’ve ever driven on Interstate 95 during a really bad storm, you’ve probably seen other drivers put on their hazard lights — and maybe you’ve done it yourself.

But according to the Florida Highway Patrol, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and AAA, it’s actually illegal to use your flashers during those conditions in Florida.

Turning your hazard lights on makes all four turn signals flash at the same time, giving a heads-up to emergency crews that there’s a traffic hazard problem ahead.

Many drivers use their flashers during bad weather because they say it’s about increasing visibility.

However, the Florida Highway Patrol says using the hazard lights can make other drivers think you’ve stopped or stalled your vehicle.

In addition, FHP says by turning on your flashers, you lose the ability to use your turn signals as you normally would.

Florida law enforcement agencies say if the weather is so bad that you can’t safely see while driving, you should pull over to a safe place until the storm passes. Use your hazard lights only when your vehicle is stopped or disabled on the road.

The only acceptable time you can use your hazard lights while driving in Florida is during a funeral procession.

According to AAA, the use of hazard lights varies from state to state.