Local senior Byrne celebrates her 100th birthday


After making a long wish, Janice Byrne blew out the candles, accompanied by plenty of cheering, for her 100th birthday.

Austin Rushnell

The Viera area is home to plenty of seniors, but how many can say that they’re a centenarian?

On Sept. 12, The Brennity at Melbourne Senior Living hosted a 1940s- and 1950s-themed party. Janice Byrne’s 100th birthday party was the highlight of the festivities. Byrne is a resident at The Brennity.

While Byrne’s birthday wasn’t until Sept. 19, The Brennity decided to combine the previously scheduled 1940s and 1950s party with Byrne’s birthday. She already had a planned vacation for the following week.

“I’m very excited. I can’t believe the people here,” Byrne said. “(It’s) unbelievable. They have made me feel just so good.”

Three years ago, Byrne moved from New York to Florida.

“I still love New York. I lived there all my life,” Byrne added.

The party was held in a large dining room with themed decorations throughout. A musician played background music.

A cake was brought out for Byrne which read, “Happy 100th Birthday, Janice.” After taking a pause to make a wish, Byrne blew out the candles.

Byrne also was presented with a gift, a New York Times newspaper from the day she was born in 1919. The headlines all featured different aspects of a steel workers’ union strike. It hoped to gain the support of President Woodrow Wilson.

The Brennity at Melbourne hosts outings, inside events, games and other fun events for its seniors.