Retired instructor tackles all subjects in his novels


Titusville novelist Vern Blanchette writes interesting books that range from science fiction to romance.

Courtesy of Vern Blanchette

When Vern Blanchette’s wife Tammie asks him what he’s doing in his office, he says he is writing. But for more than 30 years, he has been doing much more.

His mind has been traveling from Titusville to the locations featured in the seven books he has written and the books yet to come. His genres include science fiction, fantasy, religion and romance.

While writing “Jehanne and Oliver — A Love Story: The Lost Treasure of the Seep Viper,” his thoughts traveled to France, both the 17th century and the present.

“The story opens in today’s Paris, where Paul and Judith own a bakery. But when the bakery burns, she gets a job typing manuscripts at a university,” Blanchette said.

This leads to the discovery of a 300-year-old manuscript and love story, involving a gypsy’s prophesy and clues to solve a present-day murder.

A father of six, with degrees in physics and mathematics as well as a master’s degree in education, Blanchette has taught in public schools and community colleges. He recently retired from his engineering job with the URS Corporation at the Kennedy Space Center. He began writing at age 29.

“The stories in my head needed expression,” he said.

Another of Blanchette’s books, “An Encounter With the Honey Island Swamp Monster,” explores the legend of Mississippi’s Bigfoot.

“This is a true story of what happened to four teenagers when their date night intersected with something monstrous,” he said.

Blanchette doubts that such creatures exist.

“Someone would have caught one by now,” he said.

He noted, however, that the characters in his book, who believe they encountered the Honey Island Swamp Monster, are convinced of its reality.

Blanchette explores life’s most profound questions, in “Why You are Alive On Earth: Why Do You Exist?”

Other books, such as “Safe Schools Now: Arming America’s Teachers,” tackle social issues.

These are but a few of Blanchette’s published works.

Currently, he is writing an as-yet untitled science fiction book about interstellar war and how humans get pulled into it.

Blanchette’s books are available on Amazon.

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