Comedian keeps everyone laughing at 84


Lynn Ruth Miller does stand-up comedy around the world with jokes about cruising at funerals, dating the elderly and her two marriages. She is 84 years old.

Courtesy of Lynn Ruth Miller

A journalist by trade with a master’s degree from Stanford University, Ohio-born Lynn Ruth Miller, 84, started her comedy career at 71 after enrolling in San Francisco’s Comedy College. She was interested in writing an article on the college.

She told the British newspaper, Independent, that she performed a set about having a mammogram for her final exam.

“And I brought the house down,” she said. “I thought, ‘Oh my god, where can I do this again?’ ”

Where she’s doing it again is around the world.

She recently responded to questions about upcoming gigs.

“I live in London and am in Berlin now,” Miller said. “Next is Paris to do some comedy and research for a documentary, then Glasgow and Edinburgh then back to the (San Francisco) Bay area to remind them of what they missed. October will find me in Manila, Shanghai and Singapore; and January will find me in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore again. What could be bad about that?”

When asked where she gets the stamina she replied, “If you love something, you do it.”

One of her opening lines for her stand-up show “Granny’s Gone Wild” is, “I’ve got to the age where I’m seriously thinking about what I’ll be when I come back.”

Kate Copstick reviewed Miller’s “Granny’s Gone Wild.’’

“She has some great material about cruising at funerals, dating for the elderly and why she can eat anything she likes,” Copstick said. “This woman is sharp, and in among the fun and schtick there are some killer lines. Ms. Miller is a poster girl for growing old disgracefully and she looks to be enjoying every second.”

Miller describes herself on her website as “the world’s oldest comedienne,” with the subtitle of “not dead yet.” When asked for her perspective on aging, she replied, “I always say aging can be amazing if you let it.”

Miller recently hosted London’s Leicester Square Theatre’s “Old Comedian of the Year 2018.”

“I cannot recommend stand-up comedy highly enough,” said Miller about her successful second career. “This is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

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