True words of wisdom come out of the mouths of babes


My 8-year-old grandson is a genius. One night while talking to his mother, he observed that every number times zero equals zero.

Then he said, “That means everything is a factor of nothing.”

In other words, everything equals nothing!


How come I never thought of that?

Well, the old saying is, “Out of the mouth of babes …”

I’m a 60-plus-year-old MBA grad with nine hours into a Ph.D., but it’s very humbling that this 8 year old asking me for a cookie might be a lot smarter than me.

It’s embarrassing when I’m the one with the deer-in-the-headlights stare who is trying to process a brilliant revelation from someone still losing his baby teeth and whose favorite show is P. J. Masks.

I thought I better check into what other things kids are saying so I’m prepared for the next gem that might leave me scratching my head.

Here’s a few gems I found. One kid when asked what were the first cells on earth responded, “lonely.” Another when asked to write “10 words you know how to spell” actually wrote “Ten words you know how to spell.”

One morning while a mom was cooking breakfast for her 6 year old, she asked him, “What do you think is healthier — pancakes or waffles?” The child replied “waffles because they are pancakes with abs.”

So, as I researched further about brilliant kids, I came across some answers kids had on test questions.

For example, on a history test, a child was asked, “What ended in 1896? The child answered “1895.” Well he was right! Another was asked, “Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?” The answer “At the bottom.” Right again.

Man, these kids are smart! When another was asked what free press meant, he answered “Mommy irons my pants.”

You want proof kids are smarter than us seniors? Next time your phone or computer malfunctions, have a race between you and a 10 year old to fix it. No contest.

iPad not working? Call the grandkids.

But fear not gang because we still are masters of our domain as long as we have two things they don’t. The passwords and the cookie jar.