Christmas spirit adapts to changing modern world

Funny thing is...


’Twas the Week Before Christmas

And all through the mall

No creatures were stirring

You see no one at all.

That’s because in this year

Since you’re running out of time,

You chose to do your shopping

Not at the mall but online.

There’s holiday parties to attend

And good cheer to display

And a trip to the mall

Could take the whole day.

Since you’re really too busy

To stop and to shop

You just get on your iPad

And to Amazon you hop.

There’s thousands and thousands

Of gifts and stores to pick

And to travel to each

All it takes is one click.

You order your presents

And even your tree

Because thanks to Prime membership

All the shipping is free.

So you click on your order

And away you can go

Nothing can slow you down now

You’re in Florida, there’s no snow.

Ah past are the days

When you jammed in the stores

It was wall-to-wall people

And finding anything was a chore.

And even if you found stuff

In a very short time

You’d still be there for hours

Standing in checkout lines.

How many times did you seek out

That one perfect gift

Only to get there to find

It’s on a backorder list.

Yeah back in those days

The only phones were at home

If you wanted to call someone

You’d have to stop at a pay phone.

Imagine millennials

Trying to live in those days

When if they wanted to chat

It would be face to face.

Now they can do all their shopping

While driving their cars

On the way to their work

Or to restaurants or bars.

So now holiday shopping

Is quick, neat and clean

But where’s the festive Christmas spirit

Welcome to Christmas 2017. 

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