Parrot Heads will head to Latitude Margaritaville


Minto Communities USA, a Florida-based company with parent company Minto Communities in Canada for 60 years, has formed a partnership with Jimmy Buffett of the Margaritaville Holdings company to form the Latitude Margaritaville community.

SENIOR LIFE Courtesy of Latitude Margaritaville


Grabbing the day and relaxing it away will be the feeling personified in the Latitude Margaritaville community planned in Daytona Beach. If it sounds like songwriter, singer and best-selling author Jimmy Buffett might be involved, that is so right.

Minto Communities USA, a 39-year Florida-based company with parent company Minto Communities in Canada for 60 years, has formed a partnership with Jimmy Buffett of the Margaritaville Holdings company to form the community.

“Back in 2016 Minto was introduced, through a mutual business partner, to the Margaritaville Holdings Company that was looking to expand restaurants in the Daytona Beach area,” said William Bullock, senior vice president of Minto Communities USA. “We met with the holdings company in October 2016 and they had a vested interest in getting involved in the residential 55 and better crowd. Jimmy Buffet is 70 years old and that is his generation. Minto has been a homebuilding and activity lifestyle so joining the Margaritaville Holdings Buffett lifestyle is the same active lifestyle.”

The Buffett and Margaritaville conception was launched in February of this year with another launched last month at Hilton Head, Bullock said.

“We are excited to partner with Minto and believe this relationship will redefine lifestyle destination living in Daytona Beach,” said John Cohlan, chief executive officer of Margaritaville. “With Minto’s expertise in creating master planned developments and Margaritaville’s inherent ability to deliver fun and escapism, Latitude Margaritaville has the exact coordinates for those looking to live the Margaritaville lifestyle as they grow older, but not up.”

So “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes,” highlights the party Buffett theme with the 55 and older population.

“A segment of the residential market focuses on age restriction,” Bullock said. “We had a data base of over 70,000 people who have registered online indicating interest in such a residential market. We know the right locations, color of their homes, validation and confirmation and are really dialing in to meet the needs of the consumer.”

Locating the community on LPGA Boulevard and Interstate 95 in Daytona Beach, a little away from the beach, an acre of beach access was purchased at Ormond Beach with plans of a shuttle — trolley or bus — that will take residents to the beach. The beach site will have a pool shower, restrooms, a kitchen area for a cooler and refrigerator and beach service umbrellas and areas to get out of the sun.

“We look for where active adults want to be and have five criteria — access to Interstate 95, Daytona International Airport, Orlando and Jacksonville International Airports so you can get around the country, look for medical and you have multiple hospitals in Daytona, shopping and dining for the mature market and for the 55 and better crowd, a desire for higher education.”

Like trying to find a “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” finding this kind of property is harder than one would think. Daytona is ideal with its proximity to the coast, Bullock said.

Minto homes will be 1,500 to 2,500 square feet available in the lower $200,000 to mid $250,000s with minimum two-car garages, some three-car garages, three bedrooms with a den, open floor plans, great rooms and outdoor living including patios.

“Everything is geared to enjoying the Florida lifestyle and entertainment,” Bullock said. “(Home) lots come in three sizes, a 70-foot lot for the paired village two homes, and 60-foot and 50-foot lots for family detached homes. There will be approximately eight phases (that number could vary), offering 400 lots upfront in a mix of 50s, 60s and pair villas in the first phase opening in September.”

Underground utilities are completed at the site and road paving has begun. The sales center now is open.

“Things are rocking and rolling out there,” Bullock added. “The first closing can be in the second quarter of 2018. We will start the amenities in the very beginning of 2018 and they will take about a year to construct. The Town Green will be built in 2018.”

Retail parcels are planned by the builder to feature neighborhood services in 200,000 square feet, all golf cart accessible to the community. There will be concerts on the green, a Buffett Margaritaville restaurant at the amenities center, fitness and club activities there and a social hall and sports court.

“The Town Green will be over 30,000 square feet under air,”
Bullock said.