Tricycles bring seniors together for fun, fresh air


Boomer Bash participants take a spin on iTrikeMoore tricycles at the Brevard Veterans Memorial Park on Merritt Island.

Julie Sturgeon

The fresh air and freedom of pedaling a bike can be exhilarating at any age.

But for some seniors, maintaining balance on a two-wheel bike is no longer possible.

Adult tricycles, or trikes, are ideal for seniors who enjoy bike riding but need the added stability a third wheel offers. With trikes, riders do not need to maintain balance and are not as liable to tip over.

Terri and George Moore are a trike riding couple who offer group cycling tours to help seniors get moving and get together.

“We’re not about miles and physical fitness as much as getting seniors back out in the community and socializing in fresh air, enjoying an hour ride in the morning,” Terri Moore said.

A bonus feature of adult tricycles is a flat seat, which allows the rider to sit upright instead of leaning forward. Atlas SunTrikes are modified for comfort, safety and ease.

The trikes have three speeds for gentler pedaling, both hand and foot brakes, and of most importance, wide cushioned seats with padded ergonomic backrests.

It was after five knee surgeries spanning more than a decade that Terri Moore knew she had work to do to regain her physical strength. Moore had started to lose her ability to be physically active, and that bothered her.

“I had always been very physically active, including biking for 10 years,” Moore said. “So, losing that ability really made me feel old fast.”

Moore got back on her bike and worked hard at it, riding for hours at a time during the summer of 2017.

“The problem was that George couldn’t go with me because of his balance issues,” Moore said.  “So, it wasn’t very social and fun for me.”

One day, the Moores stopped by Bob’s Bicycles so George could try out a trike. He instantly said he felt like a kid. The Moores soon purchased two trikes and started having a blast riding together.

A retired social psychologist, Moore became aware of the benefits of physical activity for seniors. She soon decided to start a business so others could join them on their excursions. Her company, iTrikeMoore tours, emphasizes an easy-going approach.

Weekly Wickham Park morning rides consist of an hour tour where riders enjoy a leisurely group ride. Trikes are provided for all tours.

“It’s just been so much fun for us to see people really engaged with their bodies again.” Moore said. “We feel like we are part of something good.”

For more information, call 321-372-8333, or go to or Facebook online.