Avoid long lines to ring in Christmas holiday


’Twas the night of Cyber Monday,

And for all who would play

There was no place to go

On their laptops they stayed.


No long lines in stores,

No one cutting in line

All they had to do was login

And everything would be fine.


No battle gear was needed

No armor would they need

Because the only opponent

Was their own Wifi speed.


All the tech in the world

Was at their fingertips

And in the blink of eye

They could make the world trip.


If their prize isn’t available

In New York or L.A.

They simply switch sites in comfort

And check Seattle or Green Bay.


You can set up your home

To make life easier for you

From computerized locks

To Alexa, Siri and maybe Roku.


With programmable thermostats

To security cameras for your home

Perhaps fit bits and health stuff

Or the fanciest new drone.


You can control your whole world

From the comfort of home

Or from Paris or London

All you need is your phone.


Hey wait a minute, you guys

This is not traditional stuff

Because there’s no mall involved

No Santa, no crowds, and no guff.


And what about the battles

For the last parking space,

If there’s no fights or worries,

What’ll I do with this mace?


In my house, I won’t freeze,

Or travel through snow or deep      slush

Or get pummeled by shoppers

In their last-minute rush.


While thousands are crushing

Trying to get done on time

I’m sitting watching Hallmark

And sipping fine wine.


And during commercials

All my shopping gets done

Just click purchase and that’s it

Oh, the movie’s back on.


And in three to five days

It all comes to my door.

And I didn’t have to visit

Not one single store.


This is not normal Christmas

And I’m really not upset

Because on this Cyber Monday

All my list will be met.


Without toil or trauma

And no trouble or spite

I say Happy Cyber Monday to all

And to all a good night!