Couple serving in ministry show their love by caring


Bill and Karen Colle are still starry-eyed after nearly 60 years of marriage.

SENIOR LIFE Courtesy of Bill and Karen Colle


Bill Colle of Titusville does not spell love as we might expect.

“I spell it c a r e,” he said.

This was evident during the 22 years he served as the worship leader at Park Avenue Baptist Church and the 14 years he was the chaplain at Hospice. It continues in the Manna Marriage Ministry he operates with his wife, Karen. Married nearly 60 years, they bring a wealth of experience.

“We counsel couples and help churches establish their own marriage ministries,” Colle said. “We also teach seminars and conduct marriage retreats for churches and groups.”

The couple practice caring in their relationship.

“You can love me all day,” he said. “But I need to know you care.”

Karen Colle attests that her husband lives out this teaching.

“Bill listens to me. He loves to help around the house and he doesn’t need to be asked. He offers,” she said. “It’s good to hear him say how pretty I look and how proud he is of me. He encourages me in what I do.”

She returns the favor with her respect and support.

“Karen and I work well together, like a cup and saucer completing each other to make a good cup of coffee or tea,” he said. “Whenever Karen’s teaching, I’m a cup and whenever I’m teaching, she’s a saucer. Cooperation is something we have learned over the years.”

However, after more than 40 years in Titusville, the couple might be moving on.

“We want to be closer to our children,” Bill Colle said.

Tennessee is an option.

David Rogers is one of the many lives they have touched.

“Bill and Karen are faithful servants,” Rogers said. “He has personally counseled me in my relationships and his advice has been invaluable.”

Rogers will apply this wisdom to his upcoming marriage.

Colle also has penned a book, “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven: But Nobody Wants to Die.”

Along with stories of Colle’s hospice experiences, the book contains a checklist for getting one’s affairs in order.

It is one more way that Bill Colle shows he cares. 

For information, go to or contact Colle at

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