Don McLean will break out new album in Viera


Successful singer and songwriter Don McLean still is performing, creating albums and touring at the age of 72.

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Singer songwriter Don McLean is internationally famous for his epic songs “American Pie” (currently more than 76 million YouTube views) and “Vincent” (currently more than 11 million YouTube views),” among other critically acclaimed and successful works. He was focused but mellow as he spoke over the phone from Maui, Hawaii.

“I’ve got this new album coming out called “Botanical Gardens” [to be released in March] with a dozen new songs on there and they are all different to me. Most of them are different from anything you’ve ever heard me sing before.”

McLean, one of the main acts along with headliner Willie Nelson at the Space Coast Seafood and Music Festival this month, spoke of his upcoming album and of performing.

McLean explained that one of the 12 new songs, “is a song about a man who goes for a walk, leaves the noise of the city and goes through black wrought iron gates. He goes through these gorgeous gardens and sees all these young women, beautiful young women, and starts to imagine being in love again when he was young. And then this whole stanza goes — the moonlight swims, and colorful birds and flowers, and as the day comes to an end, the gates will be closing, do I stay here forever or go back to the world? And of course it is like a Shangri-La or a heaven or whatever, metaphorically, so all the other songs key off of that in some fashion.”

McLean thinks his new album will be well received by his fans.

“I think they’re going to think it’s very good, [it’s] got a lot of rock and roll on it and song ballads,” he said.

McLean, 72, said he is looking forward to his upcoming 2018 tours in the states and then the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“I want to do the very best I can do in one day, each day,” he said. “I’m very thankful to be working and to have so much enthusiasm around my job, my appearances…You know, I’m not on the road to be a tourist. I’m an artist. I’m there to be good on stage. I’ve seen a whole lot of the world, so I’m just really thankful to be active and have so many people excited about me coming to their town.”

McLean performs in Viera at the Space Coast Seafood and Music Festival at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 16. 

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