Romance author began writing career at age 70


Vintage romance writer Sarina Rose is proud of her novels.

Photo Courtesy of Sarina Rose

Sarina Rose, a New Jersey native, moved to Florida seven years ago and began writing at the age of 70.

“I went to SAIL, Senior Adventures in Learning, took a writing class and was inspired,” Rose said.

Four published books later, she’s still

writing within her niche of vintage romance. Vintage romance is set after 1940. Rose set her novels during World War II and the Vietnam War.

Her “Relentless” series features men and women who undergo the stresses of surviving war and its aftermath.

“The relentless nature of love and war tie the series together,” Rose said.

Her debut novel, “The Relentless Brit” marketed as “a tale of sex, love, espionage during World War II,” was conceptualized on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day. Rose recalled her aunt was married on that day. Rose imagined her aunt having a turn of fate.

“I thought, what if she had made a different decision?” Rose said. “She could have been recruited by a British agent to become a spy.”

She researched “The Relentless Brit” reading about female spies, including the famous chef Julia Child, who worked for a World War II spy agency. Rose said she has her own writing and researching process.

I usually have the characters and setting in mind. Then, I research,” she said.

“The Relentless Italian,” second in the series, is about family, love and the search for the biological parents of a World War II orphan.

“The Relentless American,” third in the series, is about a staunch war protester who chooses career over marriage. It takes places during the Vietnam War.

“The rejected Army reservist volunteers,” Rose said. ‘She finds solace from veterans of the war.”

“Loving Nick,” her fourth novel, is the first in a new series about survivors of the Vietnam War.

All four of her vintage romance books are for sale on Rose gives advice to those who think they are too old to start writing.

“I say just start, put the pencil to paper or fingers on the computer keyboard and put a sentence down. You are on your way to a story.”