Barefoot Bay residents elated about new post office


Good news for Barefoot Bay residents. Soon, they will have their very own post office. Barefoot Bay, with a population of approximately 10,000, the majority of whom are older than 65, is the largest manufactured home community in the state of Florida.

U.S. Rep. Bill Posey announced the long-awaited facility would be coming soon.

“We are at the end of a long process to bring postal operations to residents of Barefoot Bay,” Posey said. “I would like to thank Lenore O’Gorman and other residents for stressing the need of so many senior citizens to access local postal services. Soon, residents will be able to get their mail here locally instead of traveling miles.”

O’Gorman, a 93-year-old long-time Barefoot Bay resident, was very pleased with the result of efforts to get the post office.

“I am elated, it’s marvelous,” she said. “Our government is listening to us, to what we need, and we want to use it and have it support itself. I didn’t do it alone. The number of people who called the congressman’s office made a difference. We do it together.”

O’Gorman, who is legally blind, regularly mails packages to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who undoubtedly will be relieved to know that the process will be less onerous for their grandmother.

Given her personal situation, O’Gorman surmised that there might be other retirees in the Bay that would benefit from having access to postal services locally.  Consequently, during a two-year period, she encouraged her friends and neighbors to call the congressman’s office and express that desire.

O’Gorman notes, “we have to support our representatives; and we should all be involved in helping them do what we want and to listen to what we need. They are there to help the people.”

The Barefoot Bay Contract Postal Unit, a satellite postal center, is located at 935 Barefoot Blvd. It’ll be operated by Barefoot Bay Salon and Barber business.

George Cecala, Posey’s spokesperson, advised that The U.S. Postal Office Suncoast Postal District, under which the Barefoot Bay CPU falls, is also very happy to see the opening of a new unit. Posey represents Florida’s 8th Congressional District.