The following letter was sent to all our legislators in Brevard County. We ask that you contact them to help keep these funds for what they were intended.


BCOA meetings are open to the public and are held the second Thursday of each month at the government center in Viera. For information, contact Cindy Short at 321-633-2076, 321-533-2026,, brevardf or at 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, 8-106, Viera, FL 32940.

Every day seniors go homeless in Florida. Their Social Security check is not enough to cover their bills, including rent or mortgages. They have gone beyond their savings. Social Security increase is not able to keep up with inflation nor their changing needs. It is a spiral they cannot escape. They are choosing between food, medicine, or shelter and utility bills. Homelessness does result. Just prior to Christmas, I was driving through Cocoa and passed a couple living in a tent on a street corner.  This problem is accelerating.

There is something that you and the legislature can do to begin to correct this situation. Use all the Sadowski state and local housing trust funds for housing.  Nonprofits using Sadowski funds have turned motels into low-cost housing. Sadowski funds can even be used for up to 12 months of rental assistance to help special needs populations, including the homeless and vets.  Local governments and mission-based organizations focused on helping seniors want to help, but they need the money that is dedicated for housing to be appropriated by the legislature for housing. Over the years, the legislature has diverted over two billion dollars from Sadowski into the general fund. That diversion of funds has worsened the housing crisis for seniors.

Floridians of every age are facing a crisis in finding affordable housing.  This is the year for the Legislature to take action.


Phil Koechlein

AARP Brevard

Brevard Commission On Aging