Safe Strides program a source of pride for Kindred At Home Care


Kindred at Home Care was the grand prize sponsor for the Boomer Bash Senior Life Expo.

SENIOR LIFE Linda Holmgren


Among the many programs sponsored by the Kindred At Home Care in Brevard County, the Safe Strides is one of the most popular.

“Our Safe Strides program is one of the most commonly used programs or requested because as we age we lose balance,” said Bridget Brown, senior clinical and home health specialist and nurse for Kindred at Home Care. “Where vertigo is at issue with either inner ear or issues of vision (or other causes), we help to find what is causing the problem and then we work to fix that. It is usually an eight-week treatment plan, but it varies from patient to patient. As long as there is a skilled need, the patient is accomplishing progress and there is a goal in mind, we can continue the program. But, we have to be progressing to that goal.

“The memory care program works with the patient and the caregiver because the caregiver is the one really in the trenches,” Brown said. “We help them to know what to expect, how to cope, understand behaviors and medications and guide them through the course of the illness, offering resources in the community. The caregivers need the most help for they are the soldiers in battle.”

Kindred At Home Care is medical certified home care, providing nurses and occupational therapists for several programs such as cardiac, safe strides, orthopedic, memory care and care after surgeries.

“We are proud of what we can provide for the community taking care of the caregiver and their families and doing it at home where they can do it best,” Brown said.

Kindred Care has participated in various Boomer Bash Senior Life Expos for several years because “this is an opportunity for us to educate boomers and seniors who are going to be using our services and what is available for them. It is a great opportunity to educate.”

Kindred At Home Care was the grand prize sponsor for the Nov. 9 Boomer Bash Senior Life Expo held at Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum in Titusville.