Book points to ‘100 Things to Do in Orlando Before You Die’


Orlando offers a wide range of interesting and unique activities.

Co-authors John Brown and Jon Busdeker’s book “100 Things to Do in Orlando Before You Die” provides a bucket list of day trips for anyone in Central Florida. The book is a handy compilation of unique restaurants, recreational activities, historical sites and other singular attractions.

“Central Florida is so much more than Walt Disney and theme parks,” said Busdeker, an Orlando resident. “There are a lot of neat, quirky things to do. And, my job was to go out and find them.”

Busdeker, who worked at The Orlando Sentinel and WESH, is somewhat of an expert on happenings in Orlando and the Central Florida area. Based upon his exposure as a reporter, Busdeker was tasked with going out and finding new places for the book’s second edition.

Eateries include a sweet factory and an oyster bar, while entertainment ranges from a hot air balloon ride to the world’s tallest swing.

There are typically no long lines, crowded sidewalks and sweltering temperatures to endure at these local gems.

Many of the sports and recreation activities involve water or air conditioning. There is an indoor ski and snowboard park, an indoor kart and game center, even an indoor skydiving arena.

So, what are some of the authors’ recommendations?

“My absolute favorite place is the Pinball Lounge,” Busdeker said. “These guys were pinball machine collectors from early on.”

The Pinball Lounge, which features classic pinball machines from the past to the present, is in Oviedo, just north of Orlando. Flip out Fridays only costs $10 to play unlimited pinball.

Another of Busdeker’s favorite places is the Soap Museum, located at Clean the World’s nonprofit facility in Orlando. The museum illustrates the history of health and hygiene products and features antique washing machines, advertisements and illustrations from the 1700s to the present.

Davidson of Dundee, said Busdeker, is a delightful roadside attraction featuring jellies, jams and other sweet treats.

“I had a great time putting this together,” Busdeker said. “I really like highlighting the mom and pop shops.”

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