True crime stories stir lifelong passion for Viera author


Anna Flowers has a background in journalism, radio and television.

Anna Flowers, a native of Maryland and now a resident of Viera, is an award-winning author of six true crime books. In her early career as a journalist, Flowers worked for news bureaus, as well as in radio and television.

While living in Winter Park in the late 1980s and 1990s, she began writing true crime books, It was something that had interested her since her youth.

“Crime and crime solving has always interested me,” she said. “Even when I was a young girl, I would read that type of book.”

Her daughter, a Volusia County judge, was interning in Orlando, monitoring the high-profile case of Gerald Stano, who confessed to killing 41 women in Central Florida.

“I thought, if I’m ever going to write a book, this is it,” Flowers said. “True crime was at its highest interest.”

When “Blind Fury” was released by Kensington Publishing in 1993, it was an instant success. It was a True Crime Mystery Book Club selection and saw seven mass media printings.

“On the basis of that, Kensington wanted me to keep pumping them out,” Flowers said.

Her second book, “Bound to Die,” the story of Tampa serial killer Bobby Joe Long, was released in 1995. It was the most successful of all her books.

A revised edition from Chapin House Books, with a 5,000 word afterword, was published in May 2017. Flowers has participated in five major documentaries for national television on the case.

“Bobby Joe Long was a poster child for serial killers,’’ Flowers said. “The profile I was given for serial killers at FBI, Quantico, Virginia — he met all the criteria that makes a serial killer. He’s still alive on death row in Raiford, Florida, being studied by psychiatrists.”

Another recently published true crime book by Flowers is “Vengeance at Meeting Street,” a rewrite of “Wanton Woman,” which has been expanded and features stronger coverage of the trials, plus additional rare photographs.

Flowers is a judge for Best Mystery Novel of 2018 for Mystery Writers of America’s coveted Edgar Allan Poe Award.