Turning over a new leaf translates to doing stuff


Another new year! Wow! I never thought I would live this long.

Want to live longer and enjoy life?  Turn over a new leaf!

As we reflect on years gone by, we see lots of changes and innovations. Some people embrace them; others are thankful, and yet others complain about how bad things are in the world. Skip the resolutions, goal sheets and bucket lists.

It’s time to change. Revitalize your life. Re-imagine. Try new things and change the filter on your life! Begin with an open mind. Focus on an attitude adjustment —  not the one at 5 p.m. somewhere in the world. Don’t consider yourself retired; become refired!

Regardless of your physical, mental or moral condition, you can turn over a new leaf. Make it your challenge for the new year. Get moving! Walk, run, roll the wheelchair outdoors and check out the neighborhood, swim, play action games or throw a ball. Get physical!

Work your brain. You can add and repair brain cells. Play word games, work puzzles, engage in discussions, write a letter to a legislator or call your grandchildren to learn about what is happening in their world. Try Facebook, email, Google and contact Alexa. If your brain is hurting, it’s working.

Socialize! Meet new people. Invite your neighbors for coffee, tea and scones. Connect with people in church. Attend a lecture at a local college or university. Florida Tech has a great Lifelong Scholar Society. You don’t have to be a scholar. Turn over a new leaf; check out fit.edu/lifelong-scholar-society.

Travel and explore! Check out your neighborhood, your city, state, country and the world. Every destination has accommodations for people of all ages, lifestyles and health conditions.

Under every leaf there is a new place to explore. Travel clubs offer opportunities to experience new places by joining a tour group with other like-minded people. This is the year to do it!

Meditate! Connect with your spiritual thoughts. Read the Bible with the help of Daily Walk study guides and devotionals. Take time each day to think good thoughts. Pray — just have a talk with God. You don’t need fancy words. Just say: “God, this is a new year. I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m challenged. Help me appreciate the beauty of the world around me.”


Ed Baranowski is president of Topics Unlimited, a Melbourne-based education, seminar and consulting company. He can be contacted at topicsed@aol.com.