Wear and tear of charging ports affects phone calls


Magnetic charging cables allow for quick connection that can save your phone’s charging port from excessive wear.


Cell phone users can be left frutrated by a phone that won’t charge properly. There’s often a logical reason.

They can sometimes experience problems with charging ports getting worn out and losing contact or with charging cables breaking because of wear.

If you have faced these issues with your phone, then a magnetic charging cable might be for you.

If you are in and out of your car while charging your phone, you often must plug the cable into your port. This tends to wear out the port that then becomes loose. If you already are driving when you decide to charge your phone, the magnetic cable makes it a lot safer to plug in. You will not have to align the plug with the tiny charging port while keeping your eyes on the road. Get it close and the magnet will do the rest.

What’s a magnetic charging cable?

Well, it says it in the name. It consists of a magnetic charging cable and a tiny interface tip that plugs into your phone and is left plugged in.

The interface tip or port cover should fit even with most phone protective covers.

How does it work?

With a magnetic charging cable, you plug in the tiny port cover or interface piece into your phone. When the cable is plugged into an electrical source and the phone is near enough, it will plug itself and begin charging. No alignment is necessary. The magnetic cable will plug in the right way to start charging.

Make sure that the port cover does not come out when you disconnect the cable. It would defeat the purpose of having a magnetic cable if you need to plug into your phone each time. The idea is to keep the charging port from wearing out or becoming loose.

Make sure the device is made to fit your iPhone or Android.

Prices for magnetic charging cables can range from $7 to $18 or more. Take a close look at the quality of the cable before buying.

Check out some reviews online before heading out to buy one or talk to people you know who have tried them. Like prices, quality can vary widely.